Games For TableTop Beginners


With tabletop gaming you can’t make a mistake, but, it’s still a world of countless possibilities and games to explore, and it doesn’t matter how much you are skilled. But, if you are still new in all this, we have prepared a list of games which will make you want to explore this area more. You can gather round your friends and start with cards, dices or something else. So, if you are a beginner and you still want to explore the world of tabletop games, then check our list below.

Zombie-Dice1Zombie Dice

Even though the title sounds scary, this game is so easy that it can be explained in two minutes. You just need to roll the dice and see how many brains you can eat before you take three shotgun blasts in your face. The person who gets 15 brains wins. Time designed for this game is 10 minutes.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space

This is a traditional card game which places you in director’s chair of your own science fiction agency. In this game players have to take turns in casting characters, setting up scenes and making obstacles for each other in order to create the best bad movie science fiction scene that has even been seen. One round of Grave Robbers from Outer Space lasts for about 30 minutes.


DixitDixit is a great social game and a great opportunity to make people of all ages play it. If you want to win in this game, then you have to lie a lot, basically, when describing one picture, you need to do the worst job ever. Otherwise, your opponents will guess. You will have a lot of fun while playing Dixit and it takes you about 30 minutes to complete one round.

221B Baker Street

If you are a fan of Sherlock, but not the one that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, then this game will be an excellent choice for you. You have 22 tasks to solve, and those are taken from original books. A bit of mystery and adventure will make this game a family event.