The Best PC Games Of 2017


2017 has brought us many surprises in the gaming industry, and for game lovers, this has been an exceptional year. The long-expected releases are finally here, but there are more to come because we still have four more months before 2018 starts kicking in. So, here is our list of the best games in 2017, we hope you enjoy them.


BayonettaThis is a movie like and stylish action game which involves a lot of supernatural activities. The main character Bayonetta, a witch, who has powers any mortal can’t understand faces a lot of enemies and tries to defeat them. The player will witness an excellent graphics and acrobatic moves that Bayonetta performs throughout the game. The game is packed with 100% of the action, and you will sure love it.

Lone Echo

The gamers who love exploring the world beyond our boundaries will enjoy playing Lone Echo. Jack, an advanced cybernetic is located at the mining facility at one of the Saturn’s rings. Together with the Captain Olivia Rhodes, they will have to overcome a series of challenges while they explore space anomalies and obstacles that come in their way. This is a great game for people who love science fiction.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

XCOM-2-War-of-the-ChosenThe new sequel of a popular game gives its audience a new and extensive content which will blow your mind. Again, you are fighting against aliens who are trying the eliminate our race and gain you have to save the world. But, to make things more interesting, a new enemy called the Chosen comes with only one goal to capture a commander, and it is your mission to defend him. This series involves a lot of new characters, missions, environments, and strategies.

Night In The Woods

This is a 2D story, which is focused on adventure and exploring and it has a lot of activities to enjoy. You will meet great characters, discover new things, run, jump and use astral projection in order to explore the town of Possum Springs. Night In The Woods give you a chance to relax with your virtual friends and gain new abilities that will allow you to pass the new areas.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

The Final Fantasy XIV explores the new lands and tries to defeat new enemies, and you as the warrior of light need to challenge your abilities and to bring the great victory.